25 Of The Best Shopify Stores & Why We Love Them

When we talk about ecommerce businesses, the word “successful” can mean different things from business to business even though it usually refers to the revenue the business generates; marking its success as the monetary type.

For ecommerce businesses to be able to carve their ways to the top of the market and be successful, they must be visually pleasing and functionally creative as well as top tier in product quality and customer service. Let's be honest, that's a pretty tall order to fill.

However, despite the obvious challenges a lot of ecommerce shops built using Shopify have been able to bag fame and fortune both.

Some are known for their celebrity customers and others for their six-digit revenues.

We have compiled our list of the 25 best Shopify stores anyone seeking an ecommerce website redesign should review. These Shopify stores span multiple categories, industries, and products. What they have in common is exceptional design, user experience, brand voice, and story. 

Best Underwear and Swimwear Shopify Stores:

1. Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear is defying lingerie trends and working hard towards helping women feel comfortable in their own skin without having to rely on “frills or fluff”. The Shopify store is neat and minimalist. It has a well-integrated Instagram feed as well as a 3-minute fitting quiz to help users determine what size they should buy.


2. Triangl

Triangl is a swimwear line launched in the December of 2012. The homepage of this Shopify website features a slideshow of full-screen pictures of their simple but pretty and sporty swimwear for women made of bright neoprene fabric. The aesthetic of the product itself is reflected in the photography and color palette of the website. The layout isn’t flashy, with the navigational buttons all center-aligned, and just enough spacing between product pictures.


3. Tommy John

A high-quality picture of a live model wearing their comfortable and simply-designed underwear will greet you as the header of this well-paneled Shopify website which has a plain white background. No annoying pop-ups, instead everything including the signing up discount offer is sectioned on the home page. The cool tones of the colors and the well-spaced product images are easy on the eyes. Tommy John website also features a quiet and non-invasive chat panel and reviews section.


Best Clothing and Accessory Shopify Stores:

4. Taylor Stitch

Launched in 2010, with its revenue tripling every year, Taylor Stitch sells custom and tailored sophisticated clothing at affordable prices. The sleek-looking Shopify store offers slideshows of their products photographed in related settings, along with short one-liner descriptions. The product categorization is fantastic and the call-to-action buttons are used creatively. It is considered as one of the top Shopify stores for ecommerce business.


5. The Ghostly Store

Their ghost logo is printed on every one of their products. The vintage font and simple design of the website make it easier to browse. You can also filter the products using type, mood, color, label, and format. They sell stuff such as from vinyl records, water bottles, tees, art prints, wallets, coffee beans, etc.


6. Leif

Bring out the homemaker in you with this soft pastel themed Shopify website with easy-to-browse home goods and décor, textiles, jewelry, paper products, apothecary gifts, and more offered by the brand. The preppy but neat layout has efficiently placed photos buttons and smooth scrolling system, with well-organized drop-down menus.


7. Gitman

Among the inspiring collection of the best Shopify stores, the website of this clothing brand draws your attention directly to their products by featuring clear product pictures on a white background along with names and prices. The call-to-action buttons are used frequently but in a neat and organized manner. Everything from the header, to the menu and info panel, reflect minimalism.


8. Leather Head Sports

Upon entering the website, you’ll be asked to become a subscriber to enter a monthly giveaway and win a football. The classic vibes of the website mesh well with the aesthetic of the custom-made vintage-looking sports goods such as footballs, gloves, baseballs, basketballs, etc. Unmistakable beauty and quality are visible in both the website and the product.


9. Gymshark

One of the most recognized brands in fitness apparel and accessories, the Gymshark Shopify store displays large and colorful pictures of live models wearing the products with smart call-to-action buttons. Clicking on pictures from the integrated Instagram feed opens the original post (with complete caption) as a draw-over on the website.


10. Chubbies Shorts

The sportiness of their offered product is visible in the playful design of the website. Geometrically placed and paneled artistic product pictures serve as links to the catalogs of those products.  The menu isn’t cluttered and the drop down isn’t huge and lengthy either. The product pictures displayed generously all feature their products being worn by models indulging in sporty activities.


11. Allbirds

Their webpage is a blend of bright colors, fun fonts, illustrations and animations, and video clips. The multimedia site is unique and so is the product itself: simple and comfortable footwear made with all natural materials. The website is bright, youthful, and its overall visual appeal makes you want to buy stuff.


12. Chaos

Chaos is a London-based luxury brand catering to all your modern-day fashion accessorizing needs with a Shopify website which reflects the fun yet classy design of the brand. Punk-y and colorful product pictures are showed in a neat layout you can scroll easily, with sparingly used call-to-action buttons, the product menu in the top center, and the brand info and services links at the bottom of the site.


13. MVMT Watches

Smart, modern, and sleek are the words which come to mind after taking a look at their products as well as their website. Simple classy capitalized font coupled with a black and white layout, and non-flashy call-to-action buttons and a detailed menu make for a very easy-to-navigate website. The integrated Instagram shop is an effective marketing tactic. The non-cluttered product pictures are all aesthetically pleasing as well.


14. Sunday Somewhere

Among the roundup of the top Shopify stores in 2021, this premium eyewear brand was launched on Shopify in 2010 by Dave Allison. The website offers a 15% off welcome code if you sign up using email. The pictures of live models wearing the product in adventurous settings at different locations add an artistic touch to the otherwise simplistic layout. It’s a high-quality smooth design makes it very easy to navigate.


15. Tens


A moving video header is an unexpected but welcome surprise when you open the homepage. The mustard, grey, and white theme is also unique but looks great. An integrated Instagram panel and professional reviews panel are also featured on the home page along with big, attractive photography. The menu isn’t drop-down and the typography is creative but neat.


Best Health and Beauty Shopify Stores:

16. Flex


This Shopify offers a tampon alternative which could last up to 12 hours and reduces cramps in 70% of the users. The website has the health pros listed along with the complete product description, pictures, and frequently asked questions to help the users understand the product. The best touch is the quiz the website has to help the customers decide if Flex is for them.


17. Beardbrand

This brand is hoping to change the society’s vision of beards and beardsmen that reflects in the website. Beardband takes advantage of that popularity by bringing in high-quality products like shampoo, oils, etc. for beardsmen using organic products. A somewhat-masculine touch is given to the website through its pretty monochromatic color palette. 


18. Carbon Beauty

The most beautiful and pleasing thing about this website is how creative its scrolling system is. The header picture stays still as the bold and black brand name and catchphrase shift from right to left till you’re at the product display and its carefully spaced product pictures featuring a background slightly darker than the white background of the homepage. Information about their brands and ingredients are also available on the website.


19. Cover FX

A soft pink, grey, and white theme with bold fond adorn the homepage of the website of this makeup brand. Customer interaction is encouraged through an Instagram shop panel and hashtag #coverfx encouraging people to ‘share their best selfies’. Smart marketing is visible on the homepage as they’ve displayed their bestsellers, free shipping offer, free samples news, as well as a “what sets us apart” section to capture customer attention.


Best Home and Furniture Shopify Stores:

20. Brosa

The website’s minimalist but pretty design matches the modern furniture of this modest design studio. They are making beautifully designed and crafted furniture available at affordable prices and the mobile-first website offers 50% off and free delivery on the first order for signing up! It is very well-categorized and extremely easy to navigate.


21. Boll and Branch

The website has a white theme. The center-aligned menu under the brand name has brief descriptive reviews and pictures. The geometrically well-organized pictures on the website have brief descriptions as well. A customer review board and an Instagram panel linking to the Instagram shop blend well into the homepage. Well-lit creative photographs and simple but classy typography are also featured on the site.


22. Miracle Brand

A draw-over spin wheel greets you when you open the website and offers a chance to win up to 25% discount on signing up. Further creative marketing is done through call-to-action buttons placed along pictures down the efficient scrolling system. The menu isn’t confusing and the product pictures are accompanied by proper product descriptions.


Best Tool and Gadget Shopify Stores:

23. Ratio Coffee


The pastel color palette and smooth navigation of this Shopify Store show the same simplicity and elegance associated with their products. They term their product as a “new approach to coffee”. Its great quality and dynamic design are what sets this brand apart.

User-friendly and easy to navigate layouts, call to action buttons, navigational elements, eye-catching logos, and aesthetically pleasing photos—all combined with amazing quality products and marketing strategies which make ecommerce so awesome and these factors are what makes these above mentioned top Shopify stores so loved and successful (monetarily and otherwise).


24. Hurom

The logo, background, and font are simplistic but the website is brought to life by the vibrant and visually pleasing photography which is displayed on the header as well as with every mentioned panel. The menu is underneath the header, as well at the bottom of the website. Multimedia such as videos and photos provide information related to all the products.


25. Studio Neat

The pastel beige layout and the simplistic logo do justice to the product name as the entire website looks exactly as you would expect a neat and artistic studio to look like. A bunch of products ranging from tripod stands to ice-making kits is featured on the home page as a three-columned and four rowed display of round-bordered images complete with names and brief descriptions.


Wrapping Up

It takes keen design, user experience, copy, and direction to truly be a best-in-class online store. With thousands of Shopify stores out there, we've done our best to narrow down to those we feel are truly the best across multiple categories. That being said, we're sure there are plenty of other gems out there! Know, or own a store you feel belongs on this list? Comment below and let us know!

What do you think?

Have feedback? Maybe some questions? Whatever it is, we'd love to hear from you.

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